Basement and crawl space flooding can be mitigated with encapsulation, waterproofing, and sump pumps, but strategic landscaping also plays a crucial role in maintaining a dry lower level.

Enhancing Your Landscape: Five Helpful Tips

1. Correct Your Downspouts

Ensure that your downspouts are directing water away from your home’s foundation in the Northwest. Point them outward from the gutters and extend them at least six feet away from your house to prevent water from seeping back into your basement. Extending the downspouts further enhances your protection against flooding.

2. Maintain a Mulch Gap

While mulch can enhance your home’s curb appeal, it should not be in direct contact with your house. Mulch absorbs water and can channel it toward your foundation. Leave at least a one-foot gap between the mulch and your home to divert excess water away from your basement.

3. Implement Drainage Areas

If your property naturally channels water toward your home, consider creating drainage areas to redirect the flow. Dig small trenches at low points on your property to channel water away from your foundation. Proper measuring, sloping, and irrigation are essential for effective drainage.

4. Utilize Rain Barrels

Rain barrels can be used in the North and Midwest, to collect water from gutters, providing a sustainable solution for flood prevention. Even a small amount of rainfall can fill a rain barrel, providing a water source for gardening or lawn maintenance during dry periods. Incorporating rain barrels into your landscaping can help manage excess water and reduce the risk of basement flooding. For more information on rain barrels, click here for a comprehensive overview of their functionality and environmental impact.

5. Install a Dry Creek Bed

A dry creek bed lined with landscape fabric and filled with stones and plants mimics the appearance and function of a natural stream. This attractive landscaping feature not only adds visual appeal to your yard but also serves as an effective drainage system for excess water. A dry creek bed can help prevent puddles from forming and divert water away from your basement.


Implementing these landscaping tips can significantly reduce the risk of basement and crawl space flooding. However, if you’re experiencing serious issues such as cracks or holes in your basement, it’s crucial to address them promptly. Contact us for a free consultation to assess your basement’s condition and explore effective solutions to keep water out.