We maintain your
Waterproofing System

Worried about waterproofing system? We offer the following:

  • Inspection and cleaning of your sump pump
  • Cleaning the sump pump liner
  • Checking of the discharge line and valve
  • Testing of the battery backup alarm
  • Sediment flishing from waterproofing system
  • Checking for any new or emerging issues in your home

Your waterproofing expert will check your entire basement waterproofing system, especially the sump pump and liner. Since your basement warranty does not cover incidental or consequential damages from leak or flood, our annual inspections will provide more protection. We will help catch problems before they arrive, so you can enjoy your basement in comfort and peace.

I-beams system

We maintain your I-beam/force beam system and Dehumidifier/Air purification system

If your foundation and basement experts have installed I-beams, we will ensure your installations are at a constant 40lbs. Additionally, we will check both the interior and exterior of your home's foundation to ensure your home is stable.

Along with I-Beam/force beam system maintenance, we also provide support on your dehumidifier and air purification systems. Our technician will inspect the unit as well as provide cleaning and oiling if needed. Furthermore, we will sndure the humidistat level is accurate, and the blow motor is performing as required. Lastly, we can replace your filter and keep your systems running longer. The technician will also install a drain pan treatment to keep the disharge line clean.

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