Clean Space and Smart Sump System Installation in Grove, OH

Project Manager:
Rick Blanchard
Matt & Stevi S.
Columbus Grove, OH 45830


Matt called in stating that when it rains, their crawl space floods. They were about to put the property on the market but after having an inspection done by an independent home inspector, problems were discovered in the crawl space. Rotten wood, mold and moisture were the main concerns that would be key factors in not being able to sell their home. They wanted to see what kind of options we had to fix this issue. Matt and Stevi scheduled a free consultation with The Basement Doctor to find a solution.


Project Manager, Rick Blanchard, met with the homeowners. Rick conducted his own inspection and found this all to be true. He then presented them with some solutions which included our Clean Space encapsulation, drainage matting, and a Smart Sump system. After the discussions with Rick, Matt and Stevi agreed to move forward with The Basement Doctor as their contractor. The homeowners were very happy with the improvements made to the crawl space and felt that investing in this project would definitely help in the selling the home.