Cracks, Gaps, and Sunken footing in Holgate, OH

Project Manager:
Ed Fuller
Kyle & Katy R.
Holgate, OH 43527


The homeowners in this Holgate, Ohio home were having issues with a sunken footing in the crawl space. They were noticing cracks in many of the doorways. The homeowners did their own inspection of the crawl before calling us. They found gaps where the load bearing walls were placed. They called the experts at, The Basement Doctor NW, to schedule a free consultation. The homeowners believed we could provide a solution and solve the issues in their basement.


Our expert Project manager, Ed Fuller, went out to evaluate the situation. Upon his evaluation, he recommended Smart Jacks and I beams to stabilize the foundation. Floors over crawl space foundations sag due to many reasons, including inadequate or shifting supports beneath floor joists and lumber deterioration due to mold and rot. As a floor sags, this problem is often associated with other issues, including cracking drywall, skewed door, window openings, and a potentially moldy, musty odor in the house. Our SmartJackĀ® system is designed to straighten and strengthen sagging floors over crawl space foundations. We also offer other products that can eliminate crawl space moisture problems like rot and corroded metal surfaces.