Crawl space Encapsulation in Celina, OH

Project Manager:
Rick Blanchard
Douglas & Sheila M.
Celina, OH 45822


Douglas called into The Basement Doctor inquiring about improvements to his crawl space. He had recently downsized to a home with a crawl space, and the area needed some work. He stated that the floors were cold, and that his heating bill was high. He also wanted his crawl space area to be used for extra storage. He had heard good things about The Basement Doctor, and wanted to see how we could remedy his situation. Douglas scheduled a free consultation to find a solution for his crawl space needs.


The Basement Doctor sent project manager, Rick Blanchard, out to do an assessment. Rick is a very experienced project manager, who has assisted homeowners for years. Rick was a great fit for this project. He went out with a plan to address and fix the concerns that the homeowner detailed when he called the office. After a thorough assessment, Rick suggested Cleanspace, Silver Glo, Spray foam, and a Smart sump pump system. Cleanspace is a warrantied, 20 mil, crawl space vapor barrier that seals and protects the space from water infiltration. Silver Glo is an insulator for basement and crawl space walls. Spray foam is an insulator for the rim joists, while the smart sump pump system is to ensure that water pumps correctly and does not enter the basement. The homeowner agreed to move forward with The Basement Doctor’s solution. The team ensured that the installation process was a success. The homeowner was pleased that his crawl space was now a livable and healthy space. Douglas also gained peace of mind, because he could start saving money on his energy bills.