Dampness, High Humidity, and Odors in the Crawl space in Coldwater, OH

The Khalig Estate
Project Manager:
John Clements
Lee Blodgett
Coldwater, OH


The Kahlig Estate was built in 1995 with an uncommonly small crawl space, 9 inches tall. The crawl space itself occupied 1800 sq. ft. of the foundation, while the remaining was built on a slab. The family had noticed a few issues in their home that raised some concerns. They noticed high humidity, dampness, and odors throughout the home. They had a major problem within their crawl space and needed a solution!


The Basement Doctor (Northwest) was called out to examine the issue and offer a solution. The best solution available was to encapsulate the crawl space with the Cleanspace vapor barrier system! This project was complex due to the original layout and construction of this estate. Key pieces such as: flooring, cabinetry, and carpet were removed to provide an easier pathway to the workspace. Anabec mold killer was used to treat the floor joists while Spray foam was used for the rim joist. To solve the humidity issue, a Sani Dry was installed to maintain adequate levels, and improve the air quality.