Mold and Musty Odors in Bryan, OH

Project Manager:
Ed Fuller
James & Kay R.
Bryan, OH 43506


These homeowners contacted The Basement Doctor Northwest because they were experiencing odors coming from their crawlspace. Upon inspection, it was determined the homeowner had areas of standing water in their crawlspace. There was mold on floor joists and main beam that was the result of moisture in the crawlspace. In speaking to the homeowners, it was also determined they were also experiencing cold floors throughout the house. Access to the crawlspace was through a tight opening through a closet floor.


A portion of the foundation wall was opened up and a Turtl was installed. The Turtl provided unobstructed access to the crawlspace while giving the homeowner full use of their closet once again. To collect and control groundwater, a trench was dug around the inside perimeter of the footer. A drainage tile was installed to collect water and take it to a Super Sump Pump with battery backup (Ultra Sump). Anabec Cleaner and Sealer were applied to all wood surfaces in the crawl space to kill the mold and prevent mold spores from reattaching. SilverGlo foam board was attached to the interior walls of crawlspace. Spray foam insulation was applied around rim boards and rim joists to insulate and stop air flow into the crawlspace, which would also keep floors and rooms above warmer. Cleanspace was installed over the crawlspace floor and sealed to the walls and around piers to eliminate odors and moisture from the earth.

The crawlspace and the entire house is now isolated from the earth below, resulting in a warmer, dryer, and healthier living space. The homeowners said they had talked about having an open house for the neighbors so they could show off their new crawlspace.