Waterproofing in Kalida, OH

Project Manager:
Steven Dye
Huey Investments
Kalida, OH 45853


A property owner from Kalida, OH contacted us about some properties that were not draining well after a significant rainfall in the area. Four apartment complexes were impacted by the heavy rains, and the owner had already improved the drainage the previous year. Multiple contractors were contacted and bids were submitted, but the plans didn’t seem like they would offer a lasting solution. That’s when he called The Basement Doctor!


Steve Dye, the project manager, did a thorough inspection and worked with the owner to create a short list of goals for the project. The property owner wanted to get the water away, and seal off the crawlspace from the ground. Steve recommended a CleanSpace liner with a new drainage network. The drainage network was then connected to a new SmartSump system that was to be installed in each unit, offering the highest level of water protection. After working with John Clements and Lee Blodgett, owners of The Basement Doctor, on the other details associated with commercial properties, the owner decided to move forward with the work. The work would be staged out and would be done one building at a time to accommodate the maintenance schedules already in place for the complex.

Steve was present with the crews doing the work and took note of the challenges that were common in these types of projects. After talking with the property owner on-site, it was clear that all was going according to plan. After the project, the owner called to thank us, stating: “I wanted to call and say “thanks,” the guys did a nice job on the building—Happy with everything they did, they were professional and cleaned up after themselves, so thank you.” Adding, “I’m sure we’ll be in touch down the road for the other buildings, once I get through the first of the year here, I’ll give you a call for either April or May.”